True Story: My Worst S*xual Experience

True Story: My Worst S*xual Experience

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I used to nurse this dream of being a Nollywood actor. In fairness to me, I think I was excellent at acting before I had a change of career due to the unbelievable peanuts paid to up and coming actors for their services in Nigeria.

Before I threw in the towel, I was a member of a couple of drama groups ranging from religious and secular associations. I participated in a couple of stage plays, movies and Soap Operas.

In the year 2014, a friend invited me to be a part of the youth wing of his Church’s drama team. According to him, my skills could give me popularity in the Church thereby creating a job opportunity since a large percentage of the members were financially comfortable and I was unemployed at that time.On my first day at the drama rehearsal, I met the youth Church’s small drama team. The leader of the team was a female. She was quite beautiful and had a good command of English. Her ideas were brilliant and her leadership skills were impressive. I was told she was reading law.

I liked her immediately but I am very good at suppressing romantic feelings and dying in silence. My friend swiftly mounted pressure on me by boasting about my wealth of experience in the field of acting. Instantaneously, I felt a standard was set for me so I swiftly moved to hit the ground running.At the end of the rehearsal, the drama leader, Olamide (not real name) tried chatting me up.

“I am a part 3 law student at the University of Ibadan” she said with a bright smile. I was a bit shy anyway.
“I am a post-graduate student of that same school” I responded. She seemed surprised and short of words as she looked at me in assessment.
“Hmmmmm……So you are one of those guys that chase our fine girls?” She teased.

I jokingly responded by claiming I don’t do girls because I am gay. She seemed to believe the joke and tried probing me harder about my s*xual orientation till my friend added more humour to the gist. We later got into a Church member’s private car and he drove us home since we shared the same route.

From that moment, I developed a soft spot for Olamide but I told no one. I read my scripts like my school hand-outs and mastered the character up to professional taste. My combination with Olamide was explosive. The Church shook on the day of our performance and from that point I became her favourite actor.

Olamide’s character was quite a confusing one. She was very prayerful, preached a lot but at the same time she would boast about her rich boyfriends. Yes, I mean boyfriends (plural). She was so crazy about going on dates at exotic locations. As a jobless man that once had problems with common transport fare to the Church as well as buying recharge cards for comfortable phone call durations, I knew I didn’t stand a chance. I also observed Olamide only extended hands of friendship to me whenever we were on a drama project. As soon as was over, our relationship died till the team is available for another presentation.

I later lost hope in dating her so as not to embarrass myself with her response. Olamide and I disagreed on issues related to acting a lot. At times it ends bitterly but I noticed at the end of the day she would walk up to me for a possible reconciliation. Olamide’s non-challant attitude to meetings and rehearsals were something else. She could cancel a rehearsal over a date with a stranger.One day, her cavalier attitude got to me and I was forced to react badly. I swore never to be a part of the drama team anymore. Olamide called me severally and even hid her number but I refused to pick. She messaged me on Whatsapp. This time it was more than an apology, she said I am her ‘greatest s*xual fantasy’. She begged me to keep it secret. She said at a point in her life, she battled hard to restrain herself from harassing me s*xually which she had gotten over. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I used that juncture to voice out my admiration of her. Our chat got deeply romantic and dirty that night. Olamide wanted s*x from me desperately. I was excited. It was a free show for me. I danced the Makossa dance with my massive boner as I awaited each response she made. The following day we planned to at least have a kiss before or after our rehearsals.

Our rehearsal/meeting was scheduled for 2pm on a Saturday at a friend’s house and to my greatest shock, Olamide made it to my house at about 1:30pm. This is a perpetual latecomer in question. She called to alert me about her entry into my apartment but I instructed her to stay back as my parents were at home. She wanted a quick session which I knew was risky. I feigned ignorance and made her stay outside. I had a feeling the day was going to be s*xually eventful so I washed the rear ends of my body fervently and sprayed even my underwear with a heavy perfume.

The sight of Olamide gave me a boner; so I had to wear tight panties to prevent being embarrassed with a conspicuous erection. In summary, the meeting progressed fine and Olamide had her eyes on me. As the meeting ended, we started strolling home together. I was initially shy about looking at my drama group leader in the face and telling her the erotic stuffs I said on Whatsapp. She took up the challenge and demanded for her kiss. We were on the road, we needed privacy and my house was filled up including hers. She said she wasn’t ready to go home without at least tasting my lips.

As I pondered on kissing a lady I had admire for over a year, I remembered one of my ‘bad friends’ living alone. These are people who will go to any length to secure a romance testimony.

As I briefed him about the scenario, he swiftly volunteered to assist. I flagged down a bike and we both headed for his place. He vacated his room for us and gave me access to his highly cherished fridge loaded with assorted drinks.
Olamide brought out a Hollandia Youghurt drink as we sat on the bed and started drinking. I tilted her head towards me and kissed her luscious lips. It was a magical feeling. Her lips were something else. She was ready for me. She turned to face me and we started chewing each other’s lips voraciously like vampires.
I grabbed her breasts which I had always lusted after Surreptitiously  as the cleavage flashed during rehearsals. I sucked them like she was my mom while I am her baby expecting milk. She grabbed my manhood from my trouser as she moaned. She was indeed impressed with the size.
I reached for her jeans but she rebuffed steadily. I feel embarrassed. I was forced to tell her I wanted to eat the apple. She told me it would be a shame on her for me to sleep with her on our first day of romance as it will make her feel like a prostitute. At that point my manhood was as firm as a spear.
She volunteered to suck me but she only aggravated the problem. She made me lie down like she was going to perform a surgical operation; she went for my scrotum and swallowed it up like ‘Tom Tom’ sweet. Damn it! My heart almost stopped beating. The pleasure was unimaginable. It was as it I was with a pornster. She tickled my cap like she was going to detach it. She signalled to me to cum in her mouth if I wanted to but I didn’t. My manhood is a very stubborn one, It wanted s*x and nothing more but she was defiant in her stand so it ended there and we looked forward to another showdown. I went around with pains of excessive erection that day that I could barely stand for long.Olamide couldn’t stop chatting me up on Whatsapp and making short calls in between. She was too shy to talk to me the next day in Church. The sight of her made me feel guilty as I participated in the praise and worship session. Olamide had an embarrassing libido that feared me. She once had a test in school and told me she couldn’t read. She dramatically suggested taking a bike to my house and returning after a round of s*x.

In a nutshell, we finally met again. This time, she maintained her stand on ‘no s*x’ just like the previous encounter. She delivered a long speech on abstinence from s*x. I sensed it wasn’t from her heart. I approached her with a breathtaking French kiss. That threw her off balance. I went for her boobs like I was possessing my possession. She looked horny and unsettled. I then offered to give her a head. She nodded in agreement. She was so clean down there. I took off her panties and sucked the neatly shaved v*gina with much emphasis on her clitoris. Her eyes became dilated as she started gasping for breath. Immediately, I knew the moment had come for the long-awaited battle. I grabbed my condom, wore it and slided it in like a boss.

My ordeal started from there. The v*gina was indeed wide. There was no grip to inspire me. It was like trying to grab water while drowning in a swimming pool. In no time, I came. It was as if I lost my entire strength. It was that moment I realized the malaria I treated 4 days to our encounter took its toll on me coupled with the uninspiring state of her body.

Olamide didn’t hide her feelings at all. She attacked me straight away for what she termed an abysmal performance. I didn’t believe my eyes, I swore I was going to bounce back. In no time I was in her again. This time it was hell. It got to a point where I couldn’t feel myself in her at all. I started to breathe hard as I struggled to jerk.
I think I stunned Olamide beyond her expectation after making mouth about being a nympho. She was obviously disappointed as he stared at me in disgust and rage. She even screamed at me to quit as she feared I was going to pass out because I was breathing so hard.

I was so ashamed of myself. I started panting like I just competed with Usain Bolt in a country race. I knew I had failed her. She picked up her phone and started talking to herself about p*nis enlargement. I understood the message was indirectly for me. Personally, I felt her body must have been a water well as I am very lengthy down there with the ladies I have been with commending it.
I engaged her in a discussion so as to get ample time for recovery after losing much strength. This time I knew I had to “shoot to kill”. I was so much under pressure to impress Olamide who claimed she could hardly be satisfied on bed.

“Anyway I think you have tried your best. The problem lies with me and not you”
she said.

“Only a few men can match me on bed. I can afford to open my legs for intensive s*x for up to two hours”
she claimed.I was shocked to the marrow of my bone. I said to myself “Is this not my spiritual leader in Church?” I soliloquized.

Well, we later started having s*x again. I took off the condom unwisely for a better feel of her and to stimulate an improved performance in me. I really went hard on her with energetic thrusts but she hardly moaned or showed reactions of ecstasy. I cried in my heart as I continued. My heart was filled with regrets as the party progressed. It was like being given a task to flog a dead body.

I struggled till I was on the verge of climax. As a precautionary measure against pregnancy I applied the Coitus interruptus method popularly known as withdrawal. I saw an unappreciative lady staring at me like a mother who just got her son’s woeful report card after an academic session.
Olamide dressed up as she prepared to leave. I held her tight to myself in a last futile attempt to cheer her up. I locked my lips tightly to hers only to hear another heart-rending utterance. “You just want to turn me on for nothing again abi”
Instantly, I knew it was over. From that moment the love and affection between us went from 100% to virtually 0%. I was ashamed and broken. I lost my confidence as a man and s*x that used to be an exciting adventure for me became scary. I tried probing into the decline only for her to tell me I was woeful. In fact I was like an ‘ineffectual buffoon’ on bed.Sincerely, I loved Olamide from the depth of my heart. She is a very intelligent, confident and organised woman with vast leadership qualities she has failed to fully harness. I wish we never had s*x. Our friendship was ruined for life. And the illicit romance went up in rubble just within a space of a week.

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