Top 10 striking facts about dating and relationship

Top 10 striking facts about dating and relationship

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This crazy world cannot stop surprising us. There are millions of things that astonish us at their weirdness or beauty. Still, there is nothing more strange than unexplainable feeling of affection, desire, and love. How does it happen and what influence on these emotions more? Read about the most bizarre interesting facts about love and relationships in our article.

  1. Non-verbal communication makes the strongest impression on the first date. The way a person moves and behaves determines whether you will like him or her. Speaking about women, they are more sensitive to men’s body language. 57% of them pay attention to men’s gestures and posture and claim they are even more important than men’s speech. Therefore, we do understand everything without words.
  2. Do you want some facts about online dating? Here we go. According to several surveys, your relationships can end up online with a probability of 48% if you actually spend more time speaking with your couple in the internet. It is quite logical, right? So, spent more time off-line and do not discuss vital issues via texting in the web.
  3. One in five divorce cases happen thanks to Facebook. You would agree this is an endless resource of killing evidence that can ruin any relationship.
  4. What place do you think is the best for searching a potential partner? A bar, a nightclub, a picturesque park in downtown, or dating web sites? None of these answers is correct. According to numerous of surveys of psychologists, your workplace is the best place to meet a decent couple. Moreover, almost a half of all affairs that begin in an office end up with marriage. It happens because we demonstrate all our skills and responsibility precisely at workplace.
  5. The internet is a powerful thing. Almost 50% of women and 40% of men claim that they carefully investigate the online history of their potential date before going out with them. If they find something wrong (a post, a community they are in, comments, videos and other things) they are more unlikely agree to go on a date. It is hard to imagine, how disappointed dating was before social networks were invented.
  6. Let’s discuss breakups again in our top of facts about dating. The most common period when couples break up is three to five months in average.
  7. How do you think, what kind of person women are afraid to meet online the most? A serial killer. Now, what about men? Well… most of all they are afraid of meeting an overweight woman. Despite the statistics shows, that there is only a 3% probability of meeting a psychopath online, this interesting fact about dates is quite sad.
  8. For the latest years, women have begun to ask men out more often, which ruins the stereotype that males should always take the first step. For instance, in 2010, a third part of surveyed ladies claimed they are not afraid of making the first move. In 2015, this number reached a half of the women.
  9. The next statement is one the most useful facts about relationships for women who like meeting someone at the bar. Girls that have a friendly chat with a bar tender seem more attractive to other men. It demonstrates their openness, friendliness, and willingness to get new connections.
  10. People in relationship think that the single ones are more miserable than those who date with someone. In fact, researches show that both single and partnered people are actually happy. They go out often, visit public places, gladly communicate with other people, and have fun just as all other people do. Therefore, being in relationship does not guaranty a high-grade life for anyone.
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