Photo of 4 best friends killed in yesterday’s school attack by Taliban

Photo of 4 best friends killed in yesterday’s school attack by Taliban

Sharing is caring!Facebook0Twitter0Google+1Pinterest0 This is the photo of the four young classmates killed in the Peshawar attack yesterday morning. This was the last pic took together before they were brutally murdered by Taliban militants who stormed their military run school. May their souls rest in peace. (Visited 4,828 times, 1 visits today)Comments comments

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This is the photo of the four young classmates killed in the Peshawar attack yesterday morning. This was the last pic took together before they were brutally murdered by Taliban militants who stormed their military run school.

May their souls rest in peace.

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    Preetha 3 years

    My heart goes for you my dear ones i see my kids in you

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    Ibn Al Sayed 3 years

    Reply to those who rant about drone Attacks:

    1. Who hides behind women and children? It is your Filthy Taliban who are armed to teeth and hide themselves among women and children while being attacked. First, come out like men and fight Army in open, then your kids will be safe and terrorist bearing prostitutes ( your wives) will stay alive.

    2. Lal Masjid : it was your filthy scum (Taliban) who came out like cowards in Women dresses and Burkas to escape and if they would have been killed, it was Army’s fault?

    3. Killing of Kids? You empty headed blood thirty’s try to justify this? It shows the level of your humanity.

    4. I oppose USA and its policies too but that doesn’t mean I will support sick Talibani – We , who have still humanity left will welcome USA , Pakistan and NATO forces to bomb yours homes, no matter your 5 month old babies or your whores will be killed. You started it, Army will end it. Your place is hell and you will reach there inshaAllah.

    5. To Jammati Islami: We have been big fans of Late Moulana Moududi, But you present heads of movement are sick minded when your amir first said the army who fights Taliban and gets killed are not shaheed. Shame on you, it is your jammat who opposed the creation of Pakistan first and it doesn’t matter whether the army of that nation lives or dies for you. You are just bunch of losers. Hence forth, Boycott Jamaat e islami too.

    We all support Pakistan’s Army to slaughter these enemies of humanity. Well, they started it and you must end it. Whole world is behind you.

    Message to Afghan People (ALL): You dirty pigs and scum bags were better under Russian rule. Pakistan did very big mistake by helping you. That time USA and Pakistan was your big brothers but your losers couldn’t digest victory against USSR and your started slaughtering your own people. When Pakistan tried to stop that by supporting particular group, your big brat Ahmad shah Masood begged to west for Help and turned into a secular hero but in fact, he was shame on humanity too.

    Afghan Taliban Supporters: These illiterates are not good for Pakistan either, These baboons support Pakistani TTP morally and ideologically, it is Indian and Russian nose which forced some Pakistani elements to put their weight behind Taliban. Now enough is enough. Pakistan must stop stop support Taliban in Afghanistan and look for some other alternative to Taliban – It won’t be hard for them to find out – Mullah Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil would be best bet to put weight behind. People of Afghanistan support and like him.

    Message to ISIS supporters: Have you heard Kwarij? All Ahadis e Nabwi fits on you. You are blood thirsty hounds and nothing more. Criminals from Europe and rest of the world slaughter in Iraq and Syria. That is all.

    Message to Islam bashers: Had you been given a Gun, you wouldn’t hesitate to kill same kids like these pigs killed. You are just Christian Taliban who don’t have guns and heart to come in open but sit in your filthy chairs behind screen and start abusing a religion of 1.7 Billion people.

    Message to Pakistan: Love your Army and try to understand who is with you and who is not. Just people coming with long beards and pretend to be Islamic doesn’t mean they show you real path. Do not be emotional by seeing US fighting these Taliban pigs. USA is not enemy but rather enemy is within. Now, someone will come and tell you USA is funding them, Israel is funding them , India is funding them etc etc. It is all mind corrupt thinking and nothing else.

    • comment-avatar
      Vilas 3 years

      Well said… hope we all humans will create a better tomorrow for future generations

    • comment-avatar
      Briju 3 years

      We are with you @ this bad time. We too from India want peacefull life for Pak common man. We together have shread lots of blood, time to join hands and fight the common enemy.

    • comment-avatar
      pradip 3 years

      I have failed to understand what you have been driving at. Crux of the matter is Terrorism in any form is anti-human. Some call it Jehad, some Purge and so on. We believe in eternal peace.

      I haven’t able to fathom the fact why on earth Muslims face problems with Hindus, with Chinese, in Russia and finally even with themselves which clearly shows that they themselves are a problem all over. They are far from peace loving religion.

      Please attune yourselves with the rest of the world and only after will of God or whatever you would like to follow. This terrorism within is as much worst as without whoever gets affected by this scourge is a human being.

      In our civilization we do not harm even small creature as they too are creation of God. Think……….

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    Siva 3 years

    God has taken away these children to save them from sin of lieing after becoming army officers in pak army and double speak when working for ISI.
    God has given them freedom from this most sinned country,In god’s view the person who is jealous about your neighbour is devilish,so pakistan is too much jealous about india,
    Killing innocent without protection and unarmed people is devilish,So it is pakistan,
    Person who never repent killing of innocent is devil,So thta is apk army/ISI/Pak trained terroist,Person with evil intention to destroy peaceful soceity is devil,So IS and pak is devil and what Mohamed had said to be done to sattan of pak/IS is wellknown to everybody has to be done.
    Justice will never loose that is hindus and India which was undefaeted even after 300 years of Islamic attack unlike Middile east /Turkey/ etc,India stood aginst Islamist and kept their tail bent for 600 years will do again at the tiome of need.

    • comment-avatar
      India 3 years

      You dirty hindus are behing all the trouble in Pakistan.

    • comment-avatar
      Mahmoo 3 years

      Your language is enough to understand what type of people you are.

      Any normal person in the world will feel the pain and suffering of the parents of innocent children.

      No time for dirty politics.

    • comment-avatar
      Suganya 3 years

      Mr.Siva. I agree you do have freedom of speech but i am not sure how does that affect your ability to think or to be human. Every child is a child and they are innocent. how the hell is killing the children are acceptable. And who are you to decide theri fates. For once stop blaming the contries and have a little bit of humanity. Slaughtering children is pure Evil , in whicever place or country it happens, its pure evil. And those who were involved in this slaughter are even lesser worms.

      • comment-avatar
        venkat 3 years

        My heart cries for the victims. Pak was inflicting pain on others so far and now they must have understood the mistake of supporting the brutes. At least now they are taking steps in the right direction and hope they will get pakistan rid of the talibans.

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    Rest in Peace, may all these vicious murderer be given maximum of death if they are arrested or killed them all right await. My heart goes to all bereaved families.

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    Mahmoo 3 years

    May their soul rest in peace.
    I was not able to sleep when I saw this tragic news.
    May Allah grant you Jannah and help your loved ones to comes out from the trauma.
    The killers were devils and they will have very high place in Hell.

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