How to Impress a Single Russian Woman by Words?

How to Impress a Single Russian Woman by Words?

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Single Russian women remain one of the main obsessions of western men. While it seems that online dating made things way easier, it’s not quite that. On one hand you can start chatting with any girl you like and figure out whether you like her or not, but on the other hand any kind of dating is an art, and online dating is not an exception. So, if you want to win a single Russian girl, you need to know certain rules. Basically, your actions are limited while chatting, so all you need to do is to know how to charm a girl with your words. So check out our tips on how to impress a Russian girl while chatting.

1. Pick Interesting Topics to Discuss

The main problem with most of men that they always try to pick the topic, which they consider to be appropriate and interesting for women. Well, okay, you can discuss shopping for hours, but you can do it only if you are a pro in shopping. Are you? If not, just follow the conversation. You can discuss your favourite movies or engage into more intimate conversations, like whether you or she had one night stands or not. But better don’t go into intimate topics too soon. You need to chat about things like what you both like doing alone, before discussing sex, right?

2. Let Her Talk About Herself

While the article is called “How to Impress a Single Russian Woman by Words”, you can impress her by simple listening (in this case – reading) what she has to say (in this case – write) about herself. Russian women really enjoy men who can listen what they have to say, so your chatting shouldn’t be your monologue. You should take time listening what she has to say about herself. You should also pay attention when she express her opinion on some global subjects, that can help you developing your further conversation.

3. Be Unique

You can become after chatting with her for awhile. That’s why you need to pay attention to what she has to say. After chatting with her for some time, you can easily guess what topics to bring and what topic to bring not. That will help you standing out from other men she may be chatting with. In order to achieve success, you need to show her that you know her better than anybody else online. Maybe better than she knows herself.

4. Sense of Humour

Sense of humour is the most important part of having conversations with Russian girls, both online and offline. Russian women can’t stand man who lacks the sense of humour. But sense of humour is not just cracking jokes, when it comes to any kind of dating Russian girls. Cracking jokes requires certain knowledge of their culture, as there are certain topics which are taboo. And breaking that taboo can easily hurt your Russian girlfriend. So, before showing her sense of humour read some articles on humour in Russian culture to avoid any troubles with that.

5. Be Confident

Last, but not the least, don’t forget to be confident. Whether you are dating a Russian or a western girl online, it simply won’t work if you are not confident.

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