Guys, 3 Powerful Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

Guys, 3 Powerful Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

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by Madeline Haller

Could Viagra help you last longer in bed? The latest research published in theJournal of S3xual Medication seems to think so.

Researchers reviewed 14 studies that monitored the effects phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors—drugs for er3ctile dysfunction like Viagra and Levitra—had on men who experience premature ej@culation (PE). Eleven of the studies showed medication helped extend the length of the time they could go before reaching org@sm.

So does this mean that science has found the magic pill for helping you go all night? Not exactly.

The researchers stress that although this correlation was found, it’s hard to determine whether or not the ED medication was actually responsible for the delay in orgasm since a majority of the studies did not compare the results against a placebo.

If you’re looking to buy some time before reaching climax, rather than hitting up your doctor for meds, check out the following tips:

Stop-Start Technique You need to get used to building your arousal to where you’re almost at that point of no return, says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., s3x researcher at Indiana University and author of Great in Bed. Start stimulation, but as soon as you feel you’re getting too aroused, simply pause for a brief moment—Herbenick recommends 5 to 10 seconds—and let your arousal subside. After repeating this technique a few times, feel free to release.

Squeeze Technique As soon as you feel you’re getting close, stop stimulation and squeeze right below the head of your p3nis, says Herbenick. It’s best to focus the pressure on the urethra—the tube running along the underside of the p3nis—because this will temporarily represses your ejaculatory response. Once your arousal has died down, repeat a few more times before reaching climax, says Herbenick.

Rely On Rubbers Another useful technique for pushing back your ejaculatory response is to wear a desensitizing condom, says Herbenick. These products contain the desensitizing lubricant benzocaine, so it will buy you a few more minutes in the sack. But something to keep in mind: Make sure you’re not putting the condom on inside out, otherwise the Benzocaine will end up inside her vagina, says Herbenick. (And if you’re still searching for other alternatives to battle this buzz kill,check out our feature on additional ways to treat PE.)

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