Our Fourth Child Is Not Yours! Wife Confesses To Husband After Giving Her Life To Christ

Our Fourth Child Is Not Yours! Wife Confesses To Husband After Giving Her Life To Christ

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The confession of a mother of five that her former boss was the biological father of her fourth child is now threatening her 25-year-old marriage. Her husband, 57-year-old  Isaac Jemibola, a  civil servant, has approached an Ikole Customary Court in Ekiti State, seeking the dissolution of his marriage to the woman, 48-year-old Olayemi.
Jemibola based his divorce plea on the ground that the respondent confessed committing  adultery in 2002.
He urged the court in the petition filed on January  21, to grant him custody of  the five children  from  the marriage.


The petition told the court that he married  Olayemi  in 1989 according to the native law and custom.
According to him, “after retiring to bed on January 19, my wife came to me and knelt down.
“She confessed to have had an  extramarital affair with her former boss which resulted in the pregnancy of the  fourth child.
“My wife said she had given her life to Christ and that  her desire to make heaven made her confess based on the  advice from her pastor.
“She added that the paternity of the fourth child was in doubt since both the boss and I  slept with her the same week,’’ he said.
Jemibola further told the court that he reported the matter to his parents who pleaded with the woman to reverse her confession.
“She however  insisted that she was following the dictates of the Bible.
“I purposely don’t   want to do the  DNA test because I don’t  want to hate the child.’’ he said.
Olayemi admitted committing the offence, but kicked against dissolution of the marriage.
“I did it because Jemibola was befriending another woman during the period which made him abandon me for almost six months.
“It was  that same period that my former boss, who normally took me to work in his car, made  love advances  at  me. Both men made love with me at almost the same period.
“After some years, I discovered that the child looked quite  different from his siblings and out of guilt, I decided to tell him the truth.
“I pleaded for his  forgiveness but he refused,’’ Olayemi said.


In her ruling, the court president, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, said: “In the interest of justice and in the spirit of promoting reconciliation between the two  parties, the  case  will be adjourned till  April 7 for report of settlement.’’
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  • comment-avatar

    This is so sad and Evil

  • comment-avatar
    Paschal 4 years

    Given the existent and previuos scenerios, both were wrong. None of them had any reason to go into adultery. Mr. Jemibola should recognize that he sowed the intial seed. Mrs. Olayemi took a very wrong step to redress the situation. For whatever reason, she has found courage to open up and set her family on the right path again. Unfortunately, Mr. Jemibola is still playing ‘i am the man…’ Has he stopped to consider that his wife may not have sued for divorce for the same reason he is giving, that is, the children?

    • comment-avatar
      mm 4 years

      how would you feel if you wife tells you same 2morrow…

  • comment-avatar
    Awe A.B 4 years

    Mr Jemibola should admit they both sinned against God and so equally ask for God forgiveness. This is not the time to trade blame or request for divorce or claim am the one in-charge.Both should go for counseling and guidance if not for anything but for the sake of the children.

  • comment-avatar
    fatai 4 years

    he has to forgive

  • comment-avatar
    Edward Kings 4 years

    Mr Jemibola in as much as such act can make any man go crazy, you need to appreciate the fact that your wife was noble enough to confess such a sinful act to you, how many woman in this present days are willing to make such confession, please find a place in your heart to forgive her for the sake of God’s Mercy which we ask of everyday and for the sake of your children, they need you both, peace.

  • comment-avatar
    SOLA 4 years


  • comment-avatar

    Lets not be decieved the law of marreid make it clear divorce is the reward of adultry

  • comment-avatar
    Roselyn ofe 4 years

    To err is human and to forgive is divine.

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