Things That Will Make Her Fall For You Cheaply!

Things That Will Make Her Fall For You Cheaply!

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 Get the multi-million asset

Some ladies just need to spot guys using flashy cars, expensive phones and also live at upscale residences such as Lekki, Banana island, Garki and they will shake and twist and dance until they get your attention . They just fall for you and pray in their mind you say hello. Make sure you want that baggage before you say hello. Such category of ladies who do not have anything to offer aside their kitty cat cannot earn any atom of respect.

Know a ‘big’ business man

Immediately they hear that a guy is a close relative of Otedola, Adenuga, Ubah and Dangote, they will start hunting him like a frustrated rooster chasing a hen. If such hunting exercise can only be channel to improving their career, the population of gold diggers must have reduced by now. Most women are mostly moved by what they hear.

Popular, you’ve got to be popular

Girls, especially in their early adult age will love to be identified with a celebrity just for the status. I know that male celebrities must have received sexual embarrassment from female fans who express their lust and obsession to them on social media and in reality. The height of stupidity which got my head spinning was a lady on twitter who said she can commit suicide if a male celebrity does not marry her.

Have a fat bank account

Once some girls know what your account balance is like and it is fat, forget it! They are all yours! Somehow seeing that you have money gives them hope you will share with them your hard earn money (I still can’t comprehend that though). So that girl will do your bidding as long as you have a lot of money to spray around. That is their Gold digger instinct in action, do not blame them.

Shuttle between Lagos and Europe

Just forget it, if you have an international passport she is yours forever. It beats my imagination why some ladies prefer to choose someone who claims to reside abroad just because they are looking for an escape route to leave the country. Even though it has worked for few, most ladies who made this choice have experienced chronic heart-break.

You must have connection

If you want her to fall for you, just claim you ‘have leg’. One cannot entirely blame our female folks for choosing someone who is financially buoyant but the decision to render their body cheap when they hear a guy is working or connected with a top politician is an act I condemn. Meanwhile when EFCC probes the guy, they will denounce ever meeting him.

Above all, try to have the Chiseled look

While for some, it is money or what they hear that cloud their judgement for others they cannot even hold the excitement in their body when they spot guys with good looks, excellent dressing sense and cute stature. They don’t care if his occupation is legitimate but when he maltreat them, they will now start a hashtag #Yorubademons.

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