How Ebola Entered Rivers State- Gov. Amaechi

How Ebola Entered Rivers State- Gov. Amaechi

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Governor Amaechi has disclosed how the dreaded Ebola virus disease made inroads to Rivers State.

Speaking in a radio broadcast, the Governor narrated the genesis of the situation.

” Dr. Ike Sam Enemuo died last Friday August 22 2014 as a result of what was suspected to be Ebola virus. The state ministry of health, on becoming aware of his death, commenced investigation and contact tracing.

And as at today, about 100 contacts from the hotel, patients of Dr. Enemuo and patients from the hospital where the late Enemuo was treated have been identified and restricted. Different locations are being decontaminated.

Our investigations revealed that a staff of the Economic Community of West African States, on the day that the late Sawyer who died of Ebola, made a trip to Port Harcourt were he went into a hotel and met with Dr. Ike (Enemuo). About a week after his departure, Dr. Ike took ill and was rushed to the hospital with symptoms of fever diarrhea.
In the course of treatment, the doctor became suspicious and took blood samples for investigation.

In three days, late Dr. Ike died. Dr. Ike’s widow, who is also medical person and who also took care of him, has taken ill and has been quarantined.

Diplomat, who was seen by late Dr. Enemuo is alive and well. There is no need to panic. Everybody should remain claim and go about their normal duties.

The Government of Rivers state is doing everything possible to contain the effect and spread of Ebola virus. We have the material and human resources we need to fight and defeat the virus. Officials of the Federal Ministry of Health and international agencies are all already working with the Ministry of Health to contain and combat the various.

Now, we must all endeavour to adhere to the basic rules. Wash your hands regularly with soap and avoid unnecessary body contact. Anybody with symptoms indicative of diarrhea, vomiting, excessive abdominal pain and bleeding should call our emergency number – 08167733939 and 07036321076 – or call our emergency centre – 112.

Early detection and appropriate medical attention increase the chances of survival of an infected person. People have survived Ebola and more people can survive it. There is no need to hide or run away. Seek immediate medical care. Call our Ebola help line. Together we can contain and defeat Ebola virus.

Stay safe and God bless you “.

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    condolina 3 years

    It helps to lay the fact down. First, Patrick Sawyer was infected in Liberia, it was not a secret as his employee, a ‘private’ International mining company suspended him indefinitely and referred in him for observation and possible quarantine after they found out he may have contacted the virus. The company also sent memos to all staff of the company regarding this, and possible the American Embassy (Patrick is an American – and would generally be expected to carry his American Passport and not a Liberian Passport – Remember how long it took the First hospital to find out Patrick was Liberian).

    Second, Patrick and his friend the deputy minister of finance for Liberia were able to plan his disguise and transport to Nigeria. Why did Patrick agree to put other people at risk this way, after all he was a public health consultant – and knows better than most people the implications of his actions. I was not intentional. He honestly did not mean to da any harm.

    Patricks friend in a desperate effort to send him to Nigeria, listed Patrick as a staff of the Ministry of finance of Liberia, an “impersonation”. This was what granted Patrick diplomatic coverage to begin his journey and escape from quarantine.

    Why will the senior government official do this? Patrick is his friend, and he would do anything to keep his friend alive. That said, why Nigeria? The answer is simple and was already given by Patrick’s widow (read the CNN article), she said “Patrick was not a wicked person, but a kind and gentle man who will not hurt anyone: he only embarked on the journey to Nigeria to receive better health care”. This was confirmed by the CCTV images of Patrick at the Liberian Airport. He avoided contact with anyone, even on the plan. He was not a wicked person, and was probably well described by the widow.

    Patrick, “the fake diplomat”, was received at the airport by Liberian embassy delegation, with the official vehicle and an official driver (all approval and clearance given) at Lagos. Of course, the person who received Patrick knew he was coming for Ebola treatment, with a privately arranged Nigerian Doctor in a hotel room already booked and paid for. Everything was set and ready, but Patrick was not strong enough to make the trip to Port Harcourt where the Doctor was waiting to commence his end of the deal. The Doctor had been fully paid in advance for the treatment of Patrick by Patrick himself, the Liberian embassy and government were just there to help make all the necessary connections and provide diplomatic cover.

    The Liberian Embassy also knew the Doctor(s), who do the business in Nigeria. These Doctors possible advertised their services to the various embassies of affected countries. The fees are not for small boys, only the wealthiest can afford the service. Of course you also need some form of assistance from your embassy in Nigeria.

    When Patrick was restricted, despite several intensive effort by the same Liberian diplomat, to get Patrick out of First Hospital at Obalende, he lost hope. Patrick did not even trust the First hospital enough to believe they can also manage his case. Instead, he lied so he could be released to go to the already prepared Doctor in PH, who claimed to have been treating the disease with success. For Patrick, and his fellow countryman the Liberian Diplomat, it was Dr. Iyke or nothing. Since it was clear Patrick was going no where, he decided to infect his enemies, the medical team at First hospital (wondered how Patrick knew that urine and spit where very potent ways to spread the disease – remember, he is an American trained public health consultant).

    The Liberian diplomat on the other hand, knowing he has also been exposed, arranged to escape surveillance and went to meet Dr Iyke, again using his status as diplomat in Nigeria (any harm you do to him can be considered an act of war against Liberia). So a likely scenario could be that the observer attached to him, would be denied entry into his diplomatic residence, and simply told that “Oga is resting”. Sadly, this observer may have also been bribed to keep mute. (This should be investigated, as this diplomat was a very special suspect for the infected cases)

    Dr. Iyke, who has already collected money had to do his end of the deal. Patrick was not going to come. So He treated the diplomat instead. Notice, also that the diplomat did not trust the Nigerian ebola centre to treat him, just like Patrick, He preferred Dr. Iyke who has been doing the treatment for many other patients in the past. True to his trust, Dr Iyke cured him successfully! And he returned to Lagos miraculously Ebola -free.

    The point of my hypothesis, is that a number of Nigerian Doctors, in PH, have been doing this business for high paying customers. There is possibly a syndicate, that organises the contacts. The Liberian embassy, and possibly the embassies of the other affected countries know this and use the service.

    Of course, this is all just my opinion based on piecing the events and reasons together. An easy way to find out, will be to trace the cash. Check the late doctor’s bank account for bulk transfers to his or his wife’s account. Also, that of the hotel that was setup and used for the treatment, and Patrick’s bank account for transfers to a Nigerian Bank account. If you follow the money, you will make all the necessary connections.

    Ebola has been in Nigeria earlier than Patrick Sawyer. Sawyer’s weakness and inability to make the trip to the Doctor, only exposed the Ebola treatment ring!

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