Buhari Will End Boko Haram And Creates Jobs – Prof. Osinbajo

Buhari Will End Boko Haram And Creates Jobs – Prof. Osinbajo

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Vice-Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, had on Monday, December 22, 2014 entertained questions from Nigerians on Twitter where he addressed several issues which include the sporadic assaults from the Boko Haram terrorist and the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

Prof. Osinbajo while responding to questions from some of his followers on twitter stated that the present government has politicized boko haram as he claimed that level of corruption around the defense funds has created a situation where soldiers are not well equipped and motivated with necessary arms.

“The current administration has politicised boko haram. The corruption around defence funds has created a situation where soldiers are not well equipped/motivated. GMB wiped out Maitatsine, another Islamic insurgency in his own administration by sincerely identifying the problem as a challenge to the authority of the state to maintain law and order. The administration took command and funded the military transparently and that’s what we need to do now to end this insurgency.

Addressing the rate of unemployment in the country, he said that his administration which shall be lead by Gen Muhammadu Buhari will make unemployment a history as every state shall be supported to create at least 20, 000 jobs in the first quarter shall effect a consistent payment of stipends to Youth Corps member for a year while they seek for job.

“We expect every state will be supported to create 20, 000 jobs directly funded. The FG will also match the creation that for every additional job created over 20, 000 mark. FG will pay a stipend to every youth corper for a year while they are looking for employment and in that year will give vocational training. FG will undertake a massive public works programme; this is expected to have multiplier effect of producing hundreds of thousands of jobs. FG will give tax breaks and recognition to employers of labour who provide a certain minimum number of jobs”.

Responding to further question on his twitter handle, he also condemned the system which the current administration is adopting to fight corruption and assuring that APC government will not negotiate tramsparency.

“One of the fundamental problems is that there is no consequence for corruption, I think that what everyone will agree to about  a Buhari government is that it will not tolerate corruption. If the number one citizen has a clear and uncompromising anti-corruption stand then the anti-corruption policy will work. If the number one and two have a strong stance on anti-corruptrtion then our policy can succeed. In Lagos state, we were able to deal with judicial corruption by dealing with issues of remuneration and a strict policy on consequence in sanctions where judicial personnel are found to be corrupt. That model can be replicated,” he noted.

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    gabriel friday 3 years

    that is a good one if it will be possible.

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    Denupa 3 years

    It was just a few months ago that the Boko Haram nominated Muhammadu Buhari as their Chief Negotiator for their proposed talks with the Federal Govt. Now, the same Buhari wants Nigerians to believe that he will eliminate Boko Haram if elected President in February. Who does this joker think he is fooling?

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    Yaks 3 years

    If what u are saying is truth Boko haram do it bcos.of the intergrety of buhari,honesty not even Boko haram nobody in this country does not like to associate with buhari even ur own so call president say smethin good about buhari so else again

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