4 Signs He Wants To Get Dirty Tonight

4 Signs He Wants To Get Dirty Tonight

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If you get these signs from your man, then you should know he wants it tonight. O pay attention…

Sometimes direct ways are not that much and subtle hints, even though involuntary, can be fun if you can decode them. Guys sometimes will never tell you that they want to get down and dirty with you directly. But there are certain hints that they will throw away and if you can catch them, then you know where it is all heading.

Its all in the eyes: When a certain part of the brain gets excited, it shows in the eyes. So ladies, keep looking into his eyes and if they are dilated, you know there is something going on. Plus, he will play the staring game. Men tend to get visually excited and thus stare at their partner and so if you find him staring at you with dilated eyes, that your cue.

Gets all cleaned up: Of course, he would want to smell attractive when he comes close to his woman. So if you see him cleaning up his act and taking special care of how he smells that particular evening, you should know there is something exciting coming up.

Gets touchy and personal: The build up starts early. So if he brushes past you, gently touches your face or simply gets touchy and physical, it means he is preparing the ground. And the touch can really be stimulating, both for men and women. So if he asks for a head massage or any other form of help that requires physical contact, that is a perfect hint.

Helps you out: Some days he will be extra nice and will switch on your favorite channel instead of insisting on watching a game or will help you in your daily chores. Being extra nice means there is something building up. Be ready.

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