3 Things To Do When Dating An “Under-Educated” Man

3 Things To Do When Dating An “Under-Educated” Man

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What happens when a sexy and desirable man meets a wonderful woman (that’s you), who is more educated than him?

Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”, recently wrote an article, asking, “Will Illiteracy be the Cause of Death For Black Love?”  In it, Ree mentions that illiteracy is a major problem in the African-American community, due to a number of reasons.  And this is all very true.

This brings us to the fact that there are many people out there looking for a relationship with someone whose literacy skills are more developed than their own.

But what if you are already in a long term or committed relationship where you are more educated than him?  Ladies, you need to use your educated brain to make your relationship work the way you want it to!

  1.  Show, But Never TELL Him That You Are More Educated– Guess what?  He already knows how intelligent you are. And if you are throwing it in his face every chance you get, he’ll only resent you for it.  A man doesn’t want to feel less of anything around the woman he loves. He wants to be the strong, sexy male he should be – the head of the household and protector of his domain.

But you can show him how wonderfully educated you are in subtle ways. Show him articles or books on subjects that interest you and would probably interest him too.

For example, share a book with him that discusses how to make your first million by selling online (and explain how it could be cars, clothes, or machines); or how to read the stock market in today’s world (which would give you both a future to work toward).  By capturing his interest first, you can include him in your educated world, where he will admire you and your intelligence, rather than feel deflated and undermined by it.  And it will draw you closer together over time.

  1.  Understand His Learning Style– Although he may have dropped out of school at an early age or grew up in a poor area where quality education wasn’t offered, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the capability of becoming higher educated if he really wanted to be.  You have to help him believe in himself.

I once went out with a great guy who dropped out of school because he just ‘didn’t fit in’.  And let’s face it, what school really caters to every single person’s learning style or abilities?

This guy went on to become a very successful business man later in life, after finding a way to educate himself that suited his learning style.  He just needed someone to believe in him and point him in the right direction.  And you can do that with your man. Build him up and give him encouragement to follow his dreams.

  1.  Let Him Be a Man For You– Chances are, if you are more educated than him, you are probably going to be earning more money than him.  Most men generally want to be able to provide for their woman and family.  Yes, even in this day and age, there are still men out there with old fashioned feelings of being the family provider.

Work out a financial way that he can contribute and take care of you without it being too obvious.  If the rent is your biggest expense, you take care of that automatically from your pay.  Let him take care of lots of the smaller bills, so that he feels that he is giving more to the relationship without feeling the pressure.

Ladies, let’s face it:  Times have changed.  And while we have a long way to go with equality between men and women, race and cultures, we still have many more opportunities open to us now than we did in the past.  And with these opportunities come the chance of a higher education for women, and the possibility of being higher educated than your man.  Grasp these opportunities, but be clever about them in your relationship.

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